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13/04/16 - Volvo B9 2330 returned to use at Newcastle at the start of March, after completion of engine repairs. Also returned to use was Solo 1897 at Newtownabbey, along with 1881/98 from Metro, to operate a shuttle service during roadworks at Greenisland. 1898 returned to Metro at the start of April. Other Solos reactivated are 1839-41/8 which are mobile training units with the Training Academy. Scania 708 is now in Reserve, previously at Magherafelt, and Tiger towbus 1184 is also gone from Magherafelt. Of the towbuses only 4 remain active: 1238 (Downpatrick), 1260 (Derry), 1270 (Coleraine) and 1304 (Craigavon). Irizar 1672 was reactivated for a brief period and loaned to Metro during March, but is now back in Reserve status. Scania 724 has also gone from Newtownabbey to Metro. The start of April say Limavady depot come under the control of Coleraine, with the following changing allocation: B7Rs 245/6, Scania L94s 820/1/2/3/4/2444, i4 1035, Intercentury 1752 and B9TL 2241. Also on the move are 1746 (Foyle - Coleraine) and 2892 (Coleraine - Foyle). Scania 704 is now reseated to B35F+20 and is fitted with on board bicycle racks for the Mourne Rambler operation. Finally Tiger 1296 has been sold to Wylie, Enniskillen.

15/03/16 - The balance of the Scania K410/Caetano Invictus have all entered service at Foyle: 2032/6 (IXZ 1832 - 4th February), 2037 (6th february), 2028/35 (8th February) and 2029 (17th February). Against these Irizars 1672/97 and Ayats 2003/6/7/9/11/5/6/26 are all now in Reserve from Foyle. Also detaxed is Irizar 1694 (Magherafelt) which is to receive a school bus conversion. A cull of engineering vehicles sees the following Tigers withdrawn on 7th February: 1255 (Newtownabbey), 1281 (Ballymena), 1286 (Dungannon), 1292 (Derry), 1296 (Enniskillen) and 2640 (Duncrue Street). On the move are 604 (Larne - Coleraine), 1070 (Coleraine - Larne), 1706/59 (Foyle - Magherafelt) and 755 (Craigavon - Metro). Solos 1839/40/8 (all reserve) have been prepared as mobile training units and downseated to 25 seaters. Tiger 1286 has been sold to Shannon Newtownards, Solos 1871/3/8 to Hamill, 1890 to Mclaughlin, Clonmany, Ayats 2010 to Hamill and B10BLE's 2821/37 to Walsh, Edenderry.

18/02/16 - Scania K410/Caetano Invictus 76-seaters entering service are 2033 (IXZ 1833 - Foyle 26th Jan), 2030/1 (Foyle - 27th Jan), 2034 (Foyle - 28th Jan), 2027/38 (Foyle - 29th Jan). Notable features are the County Armagh registrations, and less satisfactorally non-reclining seating, a first for any Goldliner acquisition. Scania 731 returned to use at Enniskillen on 12th January, later moving to Newcastle. Also treturned to use in Solo 1929 at Coleraine at the start of February. Various vehicles detaxed at the end of January were Scania 766 (Craigavon - engine repairs) and Volvo 2330/2935 (both Newcastle, for engine repairs and fire damage repairs respectively). Scania 712 (Newry) was withdrawn in early January with body defects. On the move are 735 (Ards - Newry), 1736 (Coleraine - Foyle), 2892 (Foyle - Coleraine), 2232 (Larne - Antrim). Solo 1841 (Reserve) has been reseated to a 19 seater for use as a mobile training unit. Scania 734 has gone to Halpenny Travel, Blackrock and B10BLE 2807 to Hamill for scrap.

07/01/16 - Scania 2457 is unsurprisingly withdrawn after it's trip in to Strangford Lough, with Ards receiving older Solars 721 and 735 in it's place. One solitary move during December saw i4 1035 go from Magherafelt to Foyle. Solo 1844 has been sold to Hamill for scrap, with newer 1896/1903/26 going to Tanker Exports, Belfast. 1903 and 1926 have subsequently moved on to Southdown PSV, Copthorne (dealer). Scanias 558 and 2414 are both now back in fleet livery, previously Airlink and Park & Ride respectively.

[ Paul Savage ]

[ Paul Savage ]

01/01/16 - Seasons Greetings and a Merry New Year from Irish Transport Heritage.

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