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27/08/15 - Volvo B9 2257 has gained an aoa for Brennans Bread.

11/08/15 - Vehicles returning to use are 1723/811 (Lisburn), 2430 (Newry), 184 (Magherafelt), 422/45/1743/2935 (Newcastle), 496/7/8/9 (Foyle), 615 (GVS on loan to Glengall Street), 1727 (Larne), 2019 (Omagh) and 2977 (Enniskillen). Solos 1839/40/1 are now in Reserve, previously with the Driving School, whilst B7TL 2978 is detaxed for the remainder of the holidays. Solo 1927 has moved from Larne to Coleraine in exchange for 1947, with Sunsun 1770 moving back to GVS after it's loan to Glengall Street. Also received at GVS is former Metro B7TL 2948. Mercedes 0.405 artics 3101/2 have been sold to SOS Bus, Belfast with 3100 going to Hamill for scrap. Volvo B7's 2996/7 will gain Airbus livery shortly to provide additional capacity on the 300/A route as this will be diverted to serve the Ballymartin P&R from September.

15/07/15 - Loaner Volvo B5 / Wright 2040 (BX14 SYT) entered service at Newtownabbey on 17th June. Returning to use after accident damage repair is Volvo B7R 396 at Newtownards. As usual a large number of buses have been de-taxed for the school holidays, with the full list being:-

Antrim 206/7/43/54/5/6/60/1/79/80/81/369/89/90/735/6/7/1667/89/2434
Armagh 224/225/226/276/277/278/292/317/367/368/391/2022/2023/2417/2418/2419/2468
Ballymena 188/227/8/9/87/8/9/97/9/313/22/37/8/370/1/6/84/501/3/16/45/2005/2433
Bangor 198/9/200/400/1662/2445/6/9/50/65/66
Coleraine 204/5/21/72/3/84/5/6/316/21/4/5/61/2/3/74/5/700/64/78/828/31/1690/1708/2420/38/9/2832/50/2931/80/1/3
Craigavon 251/2/3/74/5/305/6/33/4/5/6/55/6/7/708/1682/2827/2924
Downpatrick 194/210/1/37/8/93/4/341/1669/83/1712
Dungannon 216/22/3/83/815/2025/2320/1/2848/2930
Enniskillen 212/3/48/9/50/307/8/1687/2934/77
GVS 342/3/93/94/614/5/706/17/31/86/824/1702/10/11/55/2225/2414/5/2884/9/91/93
Larne 185/6/7/230/1/312/23/39/729/30/70/1/1688/95/99/1705/9/27/2235/50/76/8
Lisburn 203/17/8/39/40/62/3/4/727/8/38/55/6/7/811/2/1723/4/34/2226/37/8/9
Magherafelt 182/3/4/219/20/41/2/70/1/82/350/1/2/64/506/11/734/1704/2233/4/2313/4/5/2880
Newcastle 193/234/235/236/295/296/340/353/354/377/392/422/445/720/1664/1701/1743/2935
Newry 232/3/57/8/9/67/8/9/90/1/332/44/5/6/7/712/59/60/774/5/1671/86/1700/2430/2939
Newtownabbey 713/5/6/24/5/1668/75/6/8/84/2253/2881/2/3/7
Newtownards 201/2/65/6/310/704/21/1661/77/2835/6
Omagh 214/5/301/2/3/4/2019/2322/2885/6/8/2933/40/87
Foyle 208/9/44/45/46/47/98/300/9/48/9/437/87/96/7/8/9/500/69/70/718/9/32/33/1896/1917/2242/3/2302/3/2840/3/5/6/7/2875/6/7/92/2928/38

Ayats 2010 (Foyle) was withdrawn on 8th June after catching fire on the M22. On the move are Volvo B7 2923 from Newtownabbey - Metro Short Strand, I4's 620/1 Magherafelt - Glengall Street and B12B 1776 from Newcastle - Glengall Street. New Route 373 (Ballymoney Town Serice) commenced on 1st July and provides a Monday - Friday replacement for the previous Logans routes which were withdrawn at the end of April.

14/06/15 - Metro B7s 2921/32/7 were reactivated at Lisburn on 13th May and moved to GVS on 19th May finally returning to Metro on 1st June. Similar 2922/9 have returned to use at GVS and Newcastle respectively, along with Schoolrun 227 at Ballymena after completion of accident repairs. B10BLE 2774 is now in Active Reserve at Foyle and 2807 out of use in Reserve, whilst B12B's 1770/7 were loaned to Glengall Street from 1st June. 1298/1692/1853/2008 and 2833 have gone to Hamill for scrap, whilst 1632 has been sold to Carolan Coaches, Nobber and 2830 to Walsh’s Coaches, Monasteroris.

07/05/15 - News of former Translink vehicles:-

20 (UCZ 6320) to McGloin, Ballyshannon 11/14, via Belfast City Auctions, Carryduff; registered 04-DL-11971 11/14.
643 (YAZ 8643) to Griffith {A D Rains}, Brinkworth 2/14, ex Edwards, Llantwit Fardre.
645 (YAZ 8645) to Wells & Wright, Ilkeston 1/14, ex WMSNT, Aston (WM) 101.
677 (SXI 1677, now 90-TS-3666) gone by12/11, ex Kelleher, Tipperary.
679 (SXI 1679, now 90-CE-4672) gone by12/10, ex Tobin, Newmarket.
828 (NXI 6828) to unknown scrap dealer 2/13, ex Horrocks Bus, Brockton.
871 (TXI 7871, now 91-DL-5002) gone by7/13, ex Gibbons, Ballyshannon.
1397 (WXI 4397, now 92-TS-2973) gone by12/12, ex Kelleher, Tipperary.
1435 (XXI 1435) to Gibson Direct, Renfrew by4/15, ex Marbill, Beith.
1458 (YXI 1458) to Ripley, Carlton (dealer) for scrap by4/15, ex Cropley, South Hiendly who had acquired it for spare parts.
1497 (YXI 5497, now 93-DL-11305) to McLaughlin, Clonmaney by5/15, ex Lough Swilly 553, via Mid Ulster Auctions, Castledawson; Byrne, Castlederg in 5/15.
1561 (DAZ 1561) registered L420 WWV 1/15 with Highland Country 52198.
1609 (JAZ 1609, now 98-DL-11324) reseated to C57F, ex C53F by Doherty, Carndonagh by5/15.
1647 (BCZ 1647) registered 99-CW-5018 by Spruhan, Bagnalstown 4/15.
1651 (BCZ 1651) registered 99-CW-5020 by Spruhan, Bagnalstown 5/15.
1652 (BCZ 1652) registered 99-CW-5021 by Spruhan, Bagnalstown 5/15.
1654 (BCZ 1654) registered 99-CW-5019 by Spruhan, Bagnalstown 4/15.
1850 (SCZ 3850), 1853 (SCZ 3853), 1854 (SCZ 3854) to Sheffield Community Transport, Sheffield by4/15, via Tanker Exports, Belfast (dealer).
1859 (SCZ 3959) registered 03-DL-12042 with McLaughlin, Culdaff 3/15.
2100 (DCZ 2100) registered 00-C-40189 by Mackey, Dungourney by4/15.
2201 (WCZ 2201, now SA 04 AGT) to Lloyd, Hixon (dealer) by4/15 ex West Coast, Campbeltown, following accident damage.
2849 (CCZ 8849) registered 00-OY-7043 by Walsh, Edenderry 4/15.

07/05/15 - Vehicles seasonally returned to use are Volvo Olympian open topper 2000 at Coleraine, along with touring coaches 113/5/128/9 at Glengall Street. Also returned to use are Solos 1839/40/1 as mobile lecture room with the Driving School. B7R 396 (Ards) is detaxed with accident damage, along with B10BLE 2807 (Foyle) with engine defects. Solos 1842/5/8 have been sold to Tanker Exports, Belfast.

12/04/15 - The final Solo of the current batch 1955 (TFZ 8955) entered service on 18th march at Foyle. Returning to use are Solo 1864 (Lisburn), B10BLE 2774 (Foyle - freom Metro Reserve) and Scania coaches 124-7 seasonally retaxed. Schoolrun 227 (Ballymena) is detaxed for accident damage repair and Solo 1872 from Derry to Reserve. Similar 1859 has been withdrawn from Lisburn. On the move are 1685/97 (Foyle - Magherafelt), with 1685 later returning to Derry, 1786 (Magherafelt - Foyle), 705 (Craigavon Active Reserve - Newcastle) and 708 (Craigavon - Craigavon Active Reserve). Vehicles sold during march were B10BLE 2765 to T. Hamill, Ahoghill as scrap, Solo 1859 to M. McLaughlin, Culdaff, Co. Donegal, B10M 1633 to Carolan Coaches, Nobber, Co. Meath and B10BLE 2849 to Walsh’s Coaches, Monasteroris, Edenderry, Co. Offaly.

01/03/15 - Optare Solo M925SR 1935, allocated to Lisburn, was delicensed to reserve at the end of February. Volvo B10M/Alexander ‘Q’ 1544 has been re-registered 94 MH 15022 with Carolan, Nobber, Co Meath. Volvo B7TL/Alexander Dennis ALX400 2889, which had sustained roof damage after colliding with a railway bridge at Helen’s Bay late in the evening of 6 November, returned to service at Great Victoria Street on 9 February. Volvo B7R/Wright Eclipse SchoolRun B66FL 301 (OEZ 7301) returned to service at Omagh on 1 March, on completion of accident repairs. Sold during February were: Optare Solo M850 1846 to Valleyview Motors, Dungourney, Co. Cork, similar 1850/3/4 to Tanker Exports, Belfast, Leyland Tiger/Alexander ‘Q’ 1500, the last bus in the fleet to wear blue and ivory livery, to Shane Pearce, Belfast, (as a non PSV), Volvo B10BLE/Wright Renown 2823 to John Bradley, Scurlogstown, Trim, Co. Meath, similar 2766 to Hamill, Ahoghill (dealer) as scrap and 2770 to Walsh’s Coaches, Monasteroris, Edenderry, Co. Offaly, for further service. Also passing to Hamill, Ahoghill, were Optare Solo M850 1868, as scrap, and the remains of fire-damaged Scania K94IB/Irizar Intercentury 1692 and MAN ND363F/Ayats Bravo 1 2008.

01/02/15 - Another Volvo B7TL/Alexander (B) ALX400 transferred from Metro is 2924, which took up duty at Craigavon on 5 January. Optare Solo M850 1859 moved from Coleraine to Lisburn around the same time. Scania K230UB/Wright Solar Rural 568 returned to Foyle on 21 January, on completion of accident repairs.Volvo B10BLE/Wright Renown 2778, which had been at Foyle replacing accident-damaged Scania K230UB/Wright Solar Rural 568, moved to Antrim on 26 January before being delicensed to reserve at the beginning of February. Optare Solo M850 1869 is another of the type now in reserve. It had been at Downpatrick. Volvo B10M-62/Caetano Enigma 696 was sold to Connect Bus and Coach, Primatestown, Ashbourne, Co. Meath, which company acquired, from North West Bus Sales, Bolton, in December 2014, Volvo B10M-55/Van Hool Alizée AC71D JAZ 3002, previously 3112 in this fleet. Volvo B10BLE/Wright Renown 2780 went to Hamill (dealer), Ahoghill for scrap. Optare Solo M850 1870 (SCZ 3870) was sold to Halpenny Transport, Blackrock, Dundalk, Co. Louth, and has since been re-registered 03 LH 11246. Former Ulsterbus Leyland Tiger/Alexander ‘N’ RXI 3335, used by the cycling club based at Metro’s Falls Park depot, had been disposed of by January.

03/01/15 - Ulsterbus Tours delicensed its six Scania K420EB6/Irizar PB 124-9 at the end of December. Also delicensed seasonally was Volvo Olympian/Alexander (B) RH 2000 at Coleraine, while another of the oldest Optare Solo M850s to reach the reserve fleet is 1854 at Newcastle. Scania K114EB/Irizar Century 105 now carries Co Meath registration number 03 MH 15236 with Carolan, Nobber. Their ex-Ulsterbus Volvo B10M-62/Alexander ‘Q’ 1524 was re-registered 94 MH 15021 in November. Volvo B10M/Plaxton Premiere 320 DAZ 1570 and EAZ 2574, previously 1570/4 in this fleet, were acquired by York Pullman, Strensall, in December 2014 ex Brown, Thorpe Arch. Leyland Tiger/Alexander ‘N’ 1250 had passed to Mitchell, Manchester, by November 2014 for continued preservation, ex Curry, Pinxton, Notts. Volvo B10M-55/Van Hool Alizée AC71D JAZ 3003, formerly 3113 in this fleet, was acquired by Westway, Raynes Park, in September 2014 and re-registered 60 W the following month


B7TL 2935 - DSE - Feb 15 [ Paul Savage ]

01/01/15 - Seasons Greetings and a Merry New Year from Irish Transport Heritage.

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